The main purpose of the establishment of MIAS is to create a platform for initiating research activities in various fields. Unless there is a specialized institution to coordinate research activity of individual researchers, there can be no systematic or ordered study of social and economic problems. One of the main visions in setting up the institution is to fill a research gap in various areas of social studies.

The only existing university in the state is still young and not yet adequately equipped with hardware nor software. It is therefore visualized that the Institute would act as a centre for attractions of talent and know-how. There is a possibility that by pooling teams of professionals and academicians, the Institute can act as a pace setting institution in the development of research works.

For achieving this goal, all the initiative taken up will be collaborative in nature by drawing on expert panels from academic and professional networks.

In the face of low funding prospect at the beginning stage of activity, the Institute will seek partnership and collaboration with national and global network.

In addition, wherever it is feasible, the Institute will also try to collaborate with some reputed cultural, social and academic organization in the developed nations.