a) to establish and develop Mizoram Institute of Advanced Studies in Aizawl, Mizoram in order to impart advanced knowledge in a multi-disciplinary fields.

b) to stimulate research and in-depth study in the field of Research, Survey Research, Public Opinion and various other academic exercises and to promote the use of Survey Research as well as Public Opinion in democratic policy formation.

c) to facilitate the dissemination of research methods, techniques and findings.

d) to conduct an assortment of activities to inform the public and media about the merits and limitations of various social issues in Mizoram.

e) to encourage the development of professional standards.

f) to serve as a representative of unique regional institution in professional meetings and associations.

g) to strengthen, expand and improve educational facilities and methods in order to enable individuals more fully to realize their intellectual, civic, and spiritual potentialities; to promote greater equality of educational opportunity; and to conserve and increase knowledge and enrich cultural life of the Mizo community.

h) to undertake social research problems relating to development of the state and for identifying problems which require immediate study and resolution.

i) to assist the Government of Mizoram in formulating and implementing policies, procedures and guidelines for adoption of advanced knowledge and technology improving citizens services through various government departments & agencies and ancillary activities and services and to take all necessary steps to promote efficiency, reduce delays; enhance accountability, transparency and objectivity in the functioning of the government.

j) to promote and disseminate Information Technology Culture in the State so that the common man may avail the benefit of Information Technology and e- governance.

k) to provide programmes of varying duration for executives and officers of the Government, Public and Private Enterprises and personnel of Universities and other Services and the professionals in order to inculcate a good work culture.

l) to publish Books, Monographs, Periodicals and Papers.

m) to arrange Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Conferences, Symposia, etc.

n) to administer the implementation of a range of advanced research projects for ensuring use of research for masses.

o) to make the public aware, as far as possible, of the latest development in the business world.

p) to hire professionals, consultants and other specialized agencies for uplifting business norms and practices.

q) to uphold the sanctity of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).